Unrelated Incidents

The Summer Stabber Strikes! Creating New Doolin and It's inhabitants
Unrelated Incidents S01E01

Nieve and Alba are friends, being two outsiders from the Nevernever, both stuck among humans in the mortal realm.

Robinson and Lee have met before. They spent a while helping the people of Crock Town in a strange epidemic that Robinson was certain had a supernatural source and Lee helped from a medical perspective. They save a few children from certain death.

Alba has looked for a solution to the curse cast upon her. She tried to elicit the help of the Shadow Shaman, a voodoo practicing sorcerer from the edge of the jungle. The plan turn south and the Shadow Shaman summoned a huge shadowy bear to assault her.

Alba is indebted to Lee who wondered the jungle to collect plants and notice the bear approaching Alba. Lee used her anti bear kit and sedated the creature. Giving Alba enough time to escape.

On a break from her bartending shift Nieve leave The Far Side roof bar and being targeted by a magical monster. Luckily for her the monster was tracked by Robinson Thatcher who manages to avert the attack and because some harm to the creature by pulling her from under the creature while it’s behind crashed the concrete where she stood.

Robinson and Nieve both escape the ass-wounded creature. The creature stalks them as they make their way to the house of Alba, a friend of Nieve. Upon arrival Robinson try to think of a ceremony he heard of that repel supernatural attackers for that ceremony he need a special kind of blue flowers that he knows his friend grows.

Alba shape shit into her eagle form and flies to Lee house. She knocks on the door and demands her flowers (being a condescending character). Alba helps her (needing to help others) but demands to come as well, Alba tells her to come after day break. As Alba leaves Johnny warns Lee that if she won’t go over there now they will die. Alba packs her medical kit (with her anti bear’s kit) and head out.

Meanwhile Robinson prepares a blue paste and smears it over the doors to the apartment. The effectiveness of this is questioned as the creature barge in through the window of the sky high apartment. The creature (a Summer Stabber) has two large noses and one small eye. Nieve tries to stop it by throwing black pepper into the creature noses. He sneezes yellow goo all over the living room and charges Alba but the door opens and Lee enters and shoots it with a tranquilizer gun from her anti bear kit. That momentarily stuns the beast.

The group fights for their lives. Robinson grabs a morning start (since it is Alba’s apartment (Aspect)) with a cooperative effort they manage to dupe the creator to charge unto the balcony and push him of the edge of the sky kissing apartment (Aspect).

The creature take a long moment to crash, while in the background a nearby roof bar played Rahinyn new hit “Welcome to the electric jungle”.


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