Robinson Thatcher

Ex-cop who's seen too much, saving lost souls in Croc-town


High Concept: Disgraced Police Detective
Trouble: Gets Lost in the Investigation
Aspect: Self-taught in the Arcane Arts
Aspect: Friend to Croc-town


  • Can find information in a haystack

Robinson used to be a detective in the NDPD, with good reviews, a nice salary and a nice house in one of the newer suburban developments (a Chrome man, through and through). But then a case in Croc-town got ugly, and it got messy, and before it was over, Robinson found himself in a construction site in the swamps where he saw things that he couldn’t later unsee, things that shook everything he knew about reality.

Unable to talk to anyone about what he saw – and almost being institutionalized when he tried – Robinson found himself taken off the streets, and then off the force. His obsession in understanding what he saw drove him away from his home and family.

These days, Robinson spends his days in the The Thatcher House poring over Albert Thatcher’s old collections, and his nights in Croc-town, where the the streets hold secrets he was unable to see until now.

Robinson Thatcher

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